Over 200 million people fly on Gogo® equipped flights every year. By getting online with Gogo, passengers gain access to exclusive in-air experiences that keep them connected to life. This staggering volume of traffic has created a whole new captive audience in the clouds.

OUR FLYERS are affluent, tech-savvy travelers who are seeking connectivity and engaging content.

GOGO PROVIDES a fun, friendly, new way to reach these people and attract attention to your brand.

OUR TECHNOLOGY WORKS on all Wi-Fi enabled devices. We’ve developed ad placement and strategies for laptops, tablets and smartphones to reach the full range of connected travelers.

A Few Ways Gogo Can Work For You.

Advertising Partnerships
Gogo gets you in front of people like no one else can. Our unique advertising opportunities keep you connected to your most relevant audience.

Promotional Partnerships
If you’re looking for a way to reward existing customers, attract new ones, and create new sales opportunities, Gogo is the way to go. An audience hungry for connectivity is waiting to engage with your brand.

Roaming Partnerships
Gogo can help you meet the demands of your mobile customers at 30,000 feet by expanding your coverage beyond the ground.

Tell Me More
Gogo is the exclusive provider of Air-To-Ground connectivity on: Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, US Airways, Virgin America

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