Onboard components

Explore Gogo's in-cabin network hardware


Next-generation onboard server unit that uploads and downloads data to the aircraft both inflight and on the ground.


Interface for IFEC, Connected Aircraft Services and passenger/crew Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Wi-Fi antenna

Located on the ACWAP. Generates in-cabin Wi-Fi signal.

ACPU features

Dual-blade Quad-core i7 processor with 16GB memory and up to 1.6TB of solid-state disk drives enable onboard storage of IFE content
GSM terrestrial modem and dual-band Wi-Fi client enables seamless gate-to-gate connectivity
OEM line-fit ready for simplified installation


  • Host a variety of software onboard, including the airline portal and content for Gogo Vision Touch
  • Deliver hundreds of concurrent video streams and up to 2,000 hours of content
  • Enable passenger and crew connected aircraft services

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