Here's what Gogo was up to at NBAA-BACE 2022 Here's what Gogo was up to at NBAA-BACE 2022

Here's what Gogo was up to at NBAA-BACE 2022

Oct 18, 2022 - Oct 20, 2022 – Orlando, FL

It was great seeing all our valued partners, customers and guests in Orlando!
There was a lot to see, and Gogo had some exciting updates to share. 

Gogo's 5G Network is complete

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For the first time ever, inflight connectivity will feel as strong and reliable as what you expect from your smartphone on the ground... that is, if you're on the Gogo 5G network. Gogo has built the world's first 5G network exclusively for business aviation.

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Provision for 5G and save $50k

Demand for Gogo 5G is already high, and it's only going to get higher. Our First To Fly promo lets you get ahead of the line and save $50,000 while you're at it. Whether your aircraft already has AVANCE L5 installed, you have an L5 scheduled for install, or you're just getting started with your connectivity plans, we've got you covered.

Save $50K with First To Fly
Gogo 5G Tower Map
Gogo President with Electronic Satellite Antenna

Cheers to our 5G ambassador

Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson expects only the best - that's why he chose Gogo, and we're thrilled he is one of our first customers to fully provision for Gogo 5G on their aircraft.

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150 5G towers across the US

The future of IFC is here. Our 5G network is now complete! 5G will give you more of everything: more speed, more capacity, more devices, and more live experiences. Find out how we went from a bold idea into a real-world connectivity solution.

Our 5G Journey
Gogo 5G Tower Map
LEO satellite in outer space above earth

Pole to pole connectivity

Gogo Global LEO - our upcoming worldwide broadband solution - will change the nature of business aviation forever. For our next breakthrough, we are creating the first complete, low earth orbit (LEO) global broadband experience designed specifically for business aviation by business aviation experts. 

Gogo Global LEO

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Whether you're a current Gogo customer or still in the deciding stage of inflight connectivity, we're grateful for your attention. And if you'd like to continue the conversation, please reach out to one of our knowledgeable IFC experts.

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