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X3 (5G) LRU $50K rebate

Whether you're a brand new Gogo customer or already have an AVANCE L5 unit on your aircraft, you'll be eligible for this $50,000 rebate on your X3 LRU - the unit that enables Gogo 5G. See the details below or visit our FAQ page for more information on how to qualify.

Timeline: Provision your aircraft with 5G equipment by October 31, 2023 | Install your X3 LRU and activate a 5G service plan by October 31, 2024
Rebate: $50,000

Here's how to take advantage:

To qualify, simply provision your aircraft with at least MB13 antennas, along with a new or existing AVANCE L5 unit by October 31, 2023. Then complete your Gogo 5G install with the X3 LRU and activate a Gogo 5G service plan by October 31, 2024 to receive a 100% rebate on your X3 purchase.

Working with one of our many authorized Gogo Dealers will ensure your experience is hassle-free and efficient. When you complete the promo form, we can assist you in connecting with a Dealer if you don't already have a preferred one of your own.


AVANCE L5 – the foundation of Gogo 5G

The path to 5G begins with AVANCE L5 – bringing you a best-in-class inflight connectivity experience today while preparing you for all that is to come in the future. See how the singular AVANCE solution empowers you with a transformative, future-proof experience.

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