Gogo 5G: First To Fly

Whether you're a brand new Gogo customer or already have an AVANCE L5 unit on your aircraft, you'll be eligible for this $50,000 rebate on your X3 LRU - the unit that enables Gogo 5G. Get started today by filling out the promo form below, or learn more on our FAQ page.

Timeline: Submit the promo form and place a purchase order for 5G equipment by October 31, 2023. Then, install your X3 LRU and activate a 5G service plan by October 31, 2024.
Exclusive launch pricing: Lock in special rates for 3 years with unlimited data (non-streaming) for $4,995/mo. or unlimited data with streaming at $9,995/mo.
Rebate: $50,000

5G connectivity

Experience meets ingenuity

With 30+ years of experience taking business aviation into the future, Gogo's 5G ATG network is unlike anything out there. We're modernizing what it means to be an ATG network with cutting-edge technology and coast-to-coast, unbelievably fast speeds across the contiguous United States and expanding into Canada.

Powered by AVANCE L5, Gogo 5G puts the power in your hands and brings the future of connectivity to you - and your passengers - today.

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AVANCE L5 – the foundation of Gogo 5G

The path to 5G begins with AVANCE L5 – bringing you a best-in-class inflight connectivity experience today while preparing you for all that is to come in the future. See how the singular AVANCE solution empowers you with a transformative, future-proof experience.

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