Monthly Delta Air Lines Plan

Plan details:

  • One month of internet access on Gogo equipped flights on Delta Air Lines.
  • Valid only on domestic flights operating between airports within the United States, Canada, and Mexico, where network coverage is available.
  • Monthly service starts immediately once purchase is complete.
  • Hassle-free, automatic renewal each month with the ability to cancel anytime.

Look for Gogo inflight services on these participating airlines.

  • Purchase of this subscription is non-refundable.
  • Your credit or debit card will automatically be charged each month on your renewal date. The monthly renewal date is the same day of the month that you first purchased the Monthly Delta Air Lines Plan. Renewals will be at the current in-market price.
  • You may cancel your subscription by contacting Gogo Customer Care (via phone: 1-877-350-0038 or email: at any time. If you wish to terminate your subscription and avoid a charge for the next month, you must do so at least two (2) days before the monthly renewal date. If you do not cancel at least two (2) days before the monthly renewal date for your subscription, but you do cancel before your monthly renewal date, contact Gogo for a refund. If you cancel after your monthly renewal date, you may be charged for that month and your cancellation will then be effective the following month. You may use your subscription until your cancellation is effective.
  • Gogo will not send you a monthly or annual statement. Receipts for recurring charges can be viewed and printed from ‘My Account’ at If you revoke authorization to charge your payment card, or if for any reason your payment card issuer does not submit payment, Gogo will cancel your subscription or suspend your use.
  • This plan is valid above on Gogo equipped flights on Delta Air Lines operating between airports within the United States, Canada, and Mexico, where network coverage exists.
  • Gogo’s internet service is available above 10,000 feet within Gogo’s network coverage area (principally the continental United States and portions of Alaska and Canada), and may be interrupted if the aircraft flies outside this area. If/when the aircraft returns to the service area, you can sign back into your session without making another purchase.
  • Once you sign in on an eligible flight, you can sign out and sign back in for the duration of the flight without purchasing another pass. You’ll be able to access the internet on future Gogo equipped flights on which your plan is valid simply by signing into your account. However, you cannot access more than one device simultaneously. All policies regarding the use of electronic devices inflight apply.
  • Gogo will become unavailable as the aircraft makes its final approach to its destination and prepares for landing.
  • Like any mobile broadband network, connectivity speed may vary due to your device, atmospheric conditions, terrain, network capacity, and aircraft location. In order to preserve an equitable passenger experience for everyone, Gogo prioritizes different types of usage. Some content, file sharing or gaming requiring high bandwidth, such as streaming audio and video, are given a lower priority and at times may not work consistently or at all. Moreover, to address network congestion, Gogo may temporarily reduce the data speeds of users engaging in high-bandwidth activities. See details in Gogo’s Terms of Use. Airlines may also have policies that would restrict some uses.
  • Additional restrictions may apply. Use of the Gogo service is subject to Gogo’s Terms of Use and Privacy & Cookie Policy.
  • Access to Gogo Customer Care via eChat live messaging is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week inflight or on the ground through Gogo’s homepage at Questions or comments regarding the service should be directed to Gogo Customer Care at 1-877-350-0038 or

Monthly Delta Air Lines Plan