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Outfit your aircraft with inflight Wi-Fi using our step-by-step visual guide.
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Step 1: Let us help you pick the right Wi-Fi system.

Picking the right Wi-Fi system comes down to deciding what you want to do in flight.
If your definition of happy is using flight time to empty your email inbox or do research on the web, we can make that happen. If your smartphone is your lifeline, we can give it wings. Whatever your Wi-Fi needs are, we can help.

Step 2: Partner up with a Gogo authorized dealer.

When it comes to installation, we recommend working with a Gogo authorized dealer. Don’t have a dealer? We can help you find one. Hint: to ensure less downtime and more flight time, you might want to schedule your installation during regular maintenance.

Step 3: Your installation will be handled with expertise and care.

You want the installation of your new Wi-Fi system to be simple. That’s why we recommend working with a Gogo Authorized dealer who is specially trained to outfit your aircraft with our small, yet powerful Wi-Fi system—consisting of a router, a modem, and two antennae—that delivers pure in-flight connectivity.

Step 4: Kick back and enjoy a connected life in the sky.

Fire up your devices because now you’re truly flying a smartplane. Check your stocks. Send some emails. Text your kids. It all works.

Step 5: Get Connected

Contact a connectivity consultant today.