Captive Portal 1.5

Captive Portal 1.5 simplifies getting connected in flight

Gogos’ focus is connecting the passenger to the internet as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Captive Portal 1.5 helps make this happen, improving the passenger experience.

Getting online in flight all starts at the airline’s Gogo-built portal, which is where we offer connectivity passes (IFC), entertainment (IFE) and flight information.  Captive Portal 1.5 is a redirection gateway to the portal that reduces the number of steps required for passengers to access to IFC and IFE services. Here’s a quick look at what Captive Portal 1.5 does to simplify getting connected inflight.

Getting a user device connected to the in-cabin network (SSID) is only step one of the process. Once connected to the network, we still need to navigate users to the airline portal. To make this happen seamlessly, Gogo leverages captive portal redirection, which enables a smooth path to the airline portal for all devices. Captive portal is a native-device tool that is primarily used to request user permission to join a network, or to ensure users accept network terms and conditions before joining. It is an industry-standard tool that users are familiar interacting with when connecting to most public networks today; for example, at a coffee shop or hotel. Captive portal is a “forced” interaction in that it requires users take an action to either follow on-screen instructions or dismiss them. This ensures that all users are given a direct path to the airline portal or, at a minimum, are instructed how to find it.

Now, passengers are automatically redirected to the captive portal when they connect to the in-cabin network; which allows for direct access to the airline portal with minimal user interaction. If a user’s device does not support captive portal, they can still manually open a browser and Gogo will automatically redirect them accordingly.

These improvements mean increased passenger engagement and take rates for airlines, and most importantly, a quicker, more seamless path to the internet for passengers. Captive Portal 1.5 functionality is available now for all airlines.