Every Device, Every Flight, Everywhere

Gogo’s vision for how the inflight internet can digitally transform the flight experience for airlines and their passengers.…

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Gogo 2Ku install time-lapse video

Go behind the scenes as the Gogo 2Ku system is installed on a commercial aircraft.


Behind the scenes with the first Gogo 2Ku installation on GOL

Watch the Gogo 2Ku installation on a GOL Boeing 737-800, including the components inside the cabin, the avionics beneath, and the antenna on top of the fuselage.


Gogo 2Ku antenna production

Learn what goes into the design and production of Gogo’s revolutionary 2Ku dual-array antenna in this short, behind-the-scenes video overview.


Industry-leading speeds with Gogo 2Ku

Watch Gogo experts push the 2Ku solution to its limits on dozens of devices operating simultaneously onboard Gogo’s airborne test lab.


What does it mean to be a technology agnostic IFEC provider?

Gogo has an agnostic approach to the technologies we leverage. See why this open-minded approach is so important in delivering the inflight internet.


Connected airline: Key requirements to build the business case

Creating the connected fleet of tomorrow means building a business case today. This whitepaper examines the essential requirements behind inflight connectivity.


The anatomy of inflight connectivity

Get an inside look at what it takes to deliver the inflight internet to aircraft around the world in this hardcover volume created by Gogo design and technology experts.


2Ku—A whitepaper

Leading wireless technology expert Bruce Elbert focuses on how Gogo 2Ku technology will impact the future of inflight connectivity in this technical whitepaper.