Every Device, Every Flight, Everywhere

Gogo’s vision for how the inflight internet can digitally transform the flight experience for airlines and their passengers.…

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2Ku supply chain on a global scale

Go behind the scenes at Gogo’s manufacturing facility and technology center outside Chicago, and see how our 2Ku solution begins its journey from ground to sky.


Gogo 2Ku technology on Virgin Australia

This passenger-produced video provides a quick look at the amazing speeds made possible by Gogo 2Ku technology on Virgin Australia. See it in action.


The capacity debate: Ku vs Ka band for inflight connectivity

Learn the key differences between two bands of the radio spectrum and why the Ku band is Gogo’s choice to deliver the advantages of 2Ku technology.


Why satellite interoperability matters for inflight connectivity

Gogo’s Chief Technology Officer Anand Chari explains why the Ku ecosystem delivers the global coverage and essential redundancies airlines require.


Satellite ownership versus leasing capacity for commercial airlines

Gogo’s EVP and Chief Commercial Officer Jon Cobin gives his perspective on satellite capacity and how airlines can maximize their investment.


The evolution of connected aircraft

To better understand how aviation will embrace the Internet of Things (IoT), take a look at how technology has impacted the industry over the years.


Gogo explains the teleport

Teleports are ground stations that enable communications with satellites. Learn more about these essential systems that dot the globe.


2Ku Access Tech Retrofit overview

Solution overview and key specifications.