Gogo AVANCE L5 with 5G Provisions Now Offered by Dassault Falcon Jet

BROOMFIELD, Colo. – Gogo Business Aviation’s (NASDAQ: GOGO) AVANCE L5 system with full Gogo 5G provisioning is now available to Dassault Falcon Jet Service Center customers for popular models of its Falcon business jets.
Dassault designs, manufactures, and supports more than 2,000 Falcons in service of which more than 500 are harnessing the power of AVANCE L5 which provides an easy upgrade path to new technologies like Gogo 5G.
“Gogo 5G was designed with our customers in mind to deliver high throughput with low latency, addressing the increased demand for data-heavy services and applications,” said Dave Salvador, Gogo’s vice president of aftermarket sales. “Dassault’s investment in Gogo 5G provisions and STC development is a critical component in bringing this game-changing network technology to the market.”
Customers who choose to upgrade to AVANCE L5 now will experience an immediate performance boost and will be provisioned for Gogo 5G when it launches. During 5G provisioning, aircraft will be installed with a Gogo AVANCE L5 system and two belly-mounted multiband (MB13) antennas. The system will operate on the Gogo Biz 4G network until the AVANCE LX5 single box LRU – fully integrated with Gogo 5G connectivity – is available for installation in mid-year 2024.
Dassault will secure full Gogo 5G and AVANCE LX5 Supplemental Type Certifications (STCs) once the 5G service is available.
Gogo is offering significant savings up to $50,000 for customers looking to upgrade or install AVANCE L5 now in preparation for AVANCE LX5 and Gogo 5G availability.
About Gogo
Gogo is the world’s largest provider of broadband connectivity services for the business aviation market. We offer a customizable suite of smart cabin systems for highly integrated connectivity, inflight entertainment and voice solutions. Gogo’s products and services are installed on thousands of business aircraft of all sizes and mission types from turboprops to the largest global jets, and are utilized by the largest fractional ownership operators, charter operators, corporate flight departments and individuals.
As of June 30, 2023, Gogo reported 7,064 business aircraft flying with its ATG systems onboard, 3,598 of which are flying with a Gogo AVANCE L5 or L3 system; and 4,433 aircraft with narrowband satellite connectivity installed. Connect with us at www.gogoair.com.

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