How inflight connectivity can digitally transform your aircraft

2020 NBAA-VBACE thought leadership session

Watch the recording of our thought leadership session at 2020 NBAA-VBACE on: "The Future of Flight: Using Connectivity to Digitally Transform Your Aircraft."

In the COVID-19 era, the need for inflight connectivity has become more important than ever before. Business executives today are using their "office in the sky" as their primary office, conducting virtual meetings during the flight, managing their inbox, leading remote workforces, staying on top of breaking news, and even holding in-person meetings on the aircraft while sitting on the tarmac to help ensure personal safety. All of which means the hunger for faster speeds, more personal services, and future-proof solutions is only going to increase in the years to come.

So how is inflight connectivity not only helping business aviation operators, passengers, and crew deal with the pandemic, but also driving digital transformation that will change the way you think about the entire inflight experience? In this panel discussion, you'll find out how inflight connectivity has moved well beyond the days of the "dumb pipe" and arrived at an era of smarter and more capable networks and systems.

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