5 ways Wi-Fi improves the inflight experience

Connectivity provides tangible inflight benefits for both passengers and pilots. Passengers can check email, surf the web and use apps, stream audio and video, make phone calls and text, watch TV/movies, check flight progress and destination weather, and view news clips. Pilots can use integrated apps to plan smoother and safer flights, save fuel, and access weather information, as well as make phone calls during flight.


In the know
while on the go

When your aircraft is connected to the Internet, your cockpit apps access data so you’re always in the know. Check up-to-date weather conditions (METARs, TAFS, Airmet, Sigmets) and get real-time graphic TFRs, airport information and more. A vast improvement over cached data.


FBO & other info

Whether you are looking for current airport information, or even FBO services, as a pilot you can use the Internet to enable your cockpit apps for search and find anything you need, in flight. This gives you a new connection to the world below and greater control.


are smart again

With Wi-Fi, smartphones now work both in the cockpit and the cabin—just like they do on the ground. So if you’re cruising at 35,000 ft, and your son gets hurt in a soccer game, your spouse can call you and let you know that he’s just fine—and he can text you a pic of the cast.


The beauty of
landing prepared

The modern world doesn’t wait and a lot can happen in three hours. Getting things done means the difference between landing with an empty inbox or a mountain of to-dos. Adding Wi-Fi lets your professional passengers work on email, VPN, web, or any other Internet-based task.


Family flight time

Traveling with family can be challenging, especially when they’re disconnected from their digital lifestyles. Adding Wi-Fi allows family passengers to fire up their devices and pass the time how they want. Social media. RPGs. Apps. Chat. It all works and it’s a whole lot better than everyone constantly asking “Are we there yet?”


Mission complete

Gogo Business Aviation offers connectivity, cabin control and entertainment solutions available for every type of aircraft, no matter what you fly or where you fly it.

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