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Traditional avionics LRUs are designed to do one thing. Gogo AVANCE systems are different. We designed AVANCE to be a fully integrated platform solution that will meet your connectivity needs today and tomorrow without replacing the onboard hardware. Everything works together and is designed to be sustainable, not replaced. There is no other inflight connectivity solution like it.

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To get great Wi-Fi plus so much more:

  1. Determine your connectivity needs:
    • I want the best in air-to-ground connectivity: AVANCE LX5 (L5 today)
    • I want affordable connectivity that gives me the essentials today and a path to greater performance in the future: AVANCE L3
    • I want powerful low-latency connectivity no matter where I fly around the globe: Gogo Galileo
    • Discover your perfect fit with our personalized recommendation tool
  2. Select a Gogo authorized dealer: Gogo has a growing network of more than 120 authorized dealers around the world: find a dealer
  3. Select your service plan: From hourly to unlimited, we have a plan that best fits your needs and your wallet: service plans
  4. Enjoy exceptional inflight connectivity with confidence that you have everything you need now, and are prepared for everything that comes next.

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We think our technology is incredible. But don't take our word for it. Hear what some of our more than 3,500 AVANCE customers have to say about their real-world experience with Gogo Wi-Fi.