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AVANCE brings you a first-class inflight connectivity experience that starts at 3,000 feet. You can count on reliable Wi-Fi, so you can create new memories, no matter where you are in the world. Plus, you can connect with confidence knowing that your security is our top priority, with robust protection built into all our solutions from day one, ensuring your peace of mind. Make the flight a highlight with AVANCE. At Gogo, we never settle for second best... and neither should you.

With AVANCE, you get inflight connectivity plus:

  • Fast, powerful Wi-Fi that allows you to work, live and play, without compromising
  • Connectivity that starts at 3,000 feet, giving you more connected time in flight
  • Reliable Wi-Fi so you never miss a recital, a birthday, or a bedtime story, no matter where you are
  • Built-in entertainment that turns flight time into showtime with Gogo Vision
  • Connect with confidence, knowing you’re protected... since day one, we've proactively designed and implemented dedicated security solutions into every network and system

It's more than just Wi-Fi. It's connectivity+

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End inflight boredom with AVANCE

Gogo Business Aviation is trusted by over 9,400 business aviation professionals. Explore further to see why AVANCE will let you make the most of your flight time, and why AVANCE is more than just connectivity.

Award-winning customer support

Our experts are here when and where you need them. Whether you need remote support or hands-on technical assistance, the aviation connectivity experts in Gogo tech support are ready to make sure your inflight Wi-Fi system is working at optimal performance 24/7.

The most trusted connectivity in business aviation

Get powerful, reliable inflight Wi-Fi so whether you’re managing a flight schedule, managing a business, or managing passengers, you’re in control. Watch this video to hear from NASCAR Champion and business owner Brad Keselowski is empowered to do it all with AVANCE onboard.

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AVANCE is so much more than just Wi-Fi - let's get in touch so we can demonstrate why Gogo has been the pioneer in inflight connectivity for more than 30 years. We're delivering the best in business aviation from decades-long industry experts, and we are confident your experience with us will eclipse anyone else, whether you're in the air, in person, or over the phone.