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Below you can find some of our most recent educational materials on inflight connectivity in 2022.

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Inflight connectivity 101 eBook

Inflight connectivity technology is constantly improving, and our refreshed Inflight Connectivity 101 eBook is a go-to resource to keep up with the changes in technology and connectivity trends.

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Inflight connectivity in a low-inventory business jet market

The pre-owned business jet inventory is historically low. If you've acquired an aircraft recently or are in the market for a pre-owned aircraft there's never been a better time to add or update inflight connectivity.

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5G progress map
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The Gogo 5G network is now complete

Gogo's expert team has installed and activated our 150th Gogo 5G tower, completing the world's first 5G network exclusively for business aviation. Learn how Gogo’s 5G network will bring unmatched performance, reliability, and customer support to your inflight experience.

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Hear what real-world pilots think about inflight connectivity onboard their aircraft

more info Want to learn about Gogo LEO global broadband?

Gogo’s next innovation chapter is taking world-class inflight connectivity global. See what Gogo going global means for you.