Wi-Fi everywhere changes everything.

Say hello to the first global broadband inflight connectivity experience built from the ground up for business aviation, by the business aviation experts. Gogo Galileo transforms your aircraft into a smartplane for enhanced communications, safety, and confidence everywhere you fly - including over oceans.

Gogo Galileo provides fast, reliable Wi-Fi everywhere you fly.

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Gogo Galileo at EBACE 2023

We previewed Gogo Galileo at EBACE this year and the results were nothing short of revolutionary. The network coverage, speed, and latency is like nothing that has come before it. Don’t just take our word for it though, see what EBACE attendees who test drove Gogo Galileo think.

Gogo Galileo is powered by AVANCE

Gogo Galileo is powered by the AVANCE platform. If you have AVANCE L3 or L5 on board you’re already on the path to Global broadband. Starting fresh? All AVANCE systems enable Gogo Galileo. Learn more here and let us help find your perfect fit.