AVANCE connectivity platform

Flying smarter means making connectivity easier and more powerful. It means less downtime, greater flexibility and continuous innovation. That's the power of the Gogo AVANCE platform: the brains on board that delivers a superior connectivity experience for everyone in the air and on the ground. Today and far into the future.

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Meet the one digital engine that can drive your entire IFEC experience

Unlike traditional avionic LRUs, which are designed to only do one thing, Gogo AVANCE systems are fully integrated platform solutions that makes it possible to integrate and transform your entire inflight connectivity and entertainment (IFEC) experience. Everything works together and everything is designed to be sustainable, not replaced.

What is Gogo AVANCE?

Gogo AVANCE is uniquely designed with you in mind. Designed to minimize downtime through remote performance monitoring, over-the-air software updates and remote management of system preferences - no other solution on the market can increase efficiencies both on and off the aircraft like Gogo AVANCE.

We've created an interactive page that will show you how AVANCE is superior to everything else on the market, and the only solution you need to create an incredible inflight experience.

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Gogo AVANCE complete connectivity systems

No matter what your ideal inflight experience looks like, we have an AVANCE system that will help you create, customize, and control it.

AVANCE Smart Cabin Systems (SCS)

Built on the AVANCE platform, SCS lets you integrate your existing mix of inflight connectivity technologies to make your ideal cabin experience work – seamlessly and reliably. AVANCE SCS is your ideal global connectivity solution if you primarily fly outside of North America as it is fully compatible with Gogo Galileo.

Gogo Vision - Bloomberg on iPad

Now showing on AVANCE: Gogo Vision 360

Every Gogo AVANCE system comes fully-integrated with Gogo Vision inflight entertainment, which gives all AVANCE customers on-demand a standard 3D moving map and destination weather. But for the ultimate passenger entertainment experience, you can upgrade to Gogo Vision 360 - our service that lets you instantly offer unlimited movies, TV shows, a stunning 3D moving map, e-magazines, news clips, and more!

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Gogo Cloudport: Over-the-air updates

Connect your AVANCE system to a Gogo Cloudport, a small, simple device that turns your hangar into a Gogo Cloud hot spot and gives you access to the Gogo Cloud network. Remotely update your AVANCE system software, push AVANCE configurations via DASH, and automatically update your Gogo Vision content. It’s an incredibly easy way to maintain your inflight experience so you can be productive, entertained, and connected.

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Gogo Cloudport

Want to go global?

We have you covered.

Gogo Galileo’s high speed, low latency global network delivers affordable broadband internet everywhere on Earth. Available in 2024, this powerful connectivity solution is a straightforward add on to any AVANCE system via a single small form antenna and only two cables – power in, and ethernet out – ensuring you are connected everywhere you fly – even over oceans and international airspace.

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Which AVANCE system is right for you?

Use this simple tool to find the ideal solution for you and your aircraft. From turboprops to VVIP, Gogo can help you tailor an inflight Wi-Fi experience that meets the demands of today's tech-savvy travelers now and far into the future - for any size business aircraft.