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Today, more than ever, executives need constant digital access to successfully manage their business and personal demands. With Gogo connectivity, passengers can stay in touch, in control, and make the most of valuable flight time. After all, the business world doesn’t stop just because you’re miles above it.

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Greater productivity. Greater control.

There's a reason Gogo is the most trusted name in corporate aircraft Wi-Fi - because companies get everything they need to create, control, and sustain an incredible inflight experience for their passengers and pilots. Take a look and then talk to us about flying smarter.

bulletExecutive productivity
In today@s environment, corporate executives cannot lose time during their day. @Gogo connectivity ensures that time in the air, is time well spent. Check out this infographic to see the most popular inflight Wi-Fi activities with executives.

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bulletPerformance & reliability
Your passengers can only work if the inflight internet does. And you don@t have the time to worry about the Wi-Fi. Gogo is the only connectivity provider that gives you the peace of mind that comes from a seamless, reliable, vertically integrated inflight experience.

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bulletIntegration & security
How does inflight Wi-Fi integrate with your larger IT strategy? How do you know that your executive data is protected? These are all smart questions unique to corporate flight departments. And we have the answers for your IT and security teams.

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bulletSupport & DASH insight
No other partner protects and maximizes your investment like Gogo. Always-available expert help (including onsite support) plus the powerful new self-service Gogo DASH toolkit puts you in control 24/7/365.

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Getting started with corporate connectivity

Download this corporate flight-specific ebook to take a deep dive into the ROI of Wi-Fi, improving passenger productivity, smarter cockpits, and the skinny on finding the right provider. After you've read the ebook, use the ROI tool to run your specific numbers.

The fundamental question: Why do you need Wi-Fi?

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“When I’ve had to weigh in on which service to use, everyone has consistently said ‘Go with Gogo.’ It was an easy choice and I would make the same decision again.”

Jason Park

Chief Pilot, Corporate Flight Department

AVANCE: Complete connectivity systems

For corporate fleets, Gogo AVANCE connectivity systems offer the perfect blend of performance, flexibility and control - so you can go from flying dark to flying smarter in no time. Choose one to offer a consistent experience on all your aircraft. Or choose both to truly tailor each aircraft's experience to meet your cost-benefit goals.

AVANCE SCS & Global Wi-Fi

Not every aircraft is a clean slate for connectivity. If your corporate aircraft is already connected (but hard to use and manage), or if you're looking to add worldwide Wi-Fi, we have solutions to make your experience better.

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