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In today's market, aircraft buyers want inflight Wi-Fi. Let us help you become a connectivity expert: so you're prepared to answer customer questions better than the competition. Which in turn, results in faster sales and higher customer loyalty for you.

For quick access, if you know the Gogo system on board an aircraft you're selling, click the button to download the product sheet.

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Top brokers answer the question: "Why should brokers care about inflight Wi-Fi?"

Watch this video to see what top brokers and other industry leaders have experienced with connectivity on board aircraft for sale.

Need to demo inflight Wi-Fi to a potential buyer?

When buyers ask to test the Wi-Fi capabilities in the air, you have two options:

Keep services on

The aircraft owner may keep the service “on” while the aircraft is for sale - particularly if they plan to continue using the aircraft while it's listed. If the owner plans to limit aircraft use during this time, they can contact Gogo to adjust their service plan to accommodate the change in internet activity.

Contact Customer Support

If the seller does turn services off, we can provide a free 24-hour activation of service for a broker selling the aircraft. This requires you to contact Gogo Customer Support to activate service each time you need to demo the system in flight.


Aircraft buyer FAQ

Here's a quick list of questions your potential buyers may have about Gogo inflight Wi-Fi services. It covers the basics of what your clients can do when they connect in the air and how they can activate their service.

It will also help you determine what system the aircraft has on board, and whom to contact with questions about demonstrating Wi-Fi in flight to a potential buyer.

Get the answers

Get product info for every Gogo system on board

Gogo Wi-Fi systems have different specs, capabilities, and service plans. Contact Customer Support to determine which systems are on board, and then click below to get the product info emailed to you.

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