Light aircraft connectivity

Making the most of flight time matters to everyone: even if your flight is only a few people flying for a few hours. That's why Gogo has made it our mission to offer affordable, powerful connectivity solutions specifically designed for light jets and turboprops.


Discover how Gogo Wi-Fi can transform your inflight experience by enabling fast internet, email, personal smartphone use, 3D moving maps, and even connected cockpit apps.

To help you get started, download our exclusive Inflight Connectivity 101 guidebook.

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Turbo productivity for everyone on board

Whether you’re flying around the country for key meetings or to Key West for vacation. Whether you're in the cabin or the cockpit. Discover how a Gogo AVANCE system such as L3 makes it easy to stay in touch with your personal and professional life during flight.

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Flying smarter means real-time data, greater efficiency for pilots

Whether you fly it, own it, or both, adding Wi-Fi to your aircraft gives you the power of real-time data to unlock and improve pilot apps. Better information means greater efficiency and safety. Get the details with this exclusive pilot's guide to inflight Wi-Fi.

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Instant. Awesome. Entertainment.

Flying isn’t always about work. Every Gogo AVANCE solution also gives you Gogo Vision inflight entertainment – featuring on-demand movies, TV shows, e-magazines, and an unbelievable 3D moving map.

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For system selection, STCs, and even service plan advice, our Gogo sales experts specialize in light jet connectivity. Just select your state to instantly see your rep's contact information. They'll answer all your questions and be your personal inflight Wi-Fi guide.


See why Pilot Marc Dulude "can't live without" inflight connectivity

Citation Jet Pilot Marc Dulude went from connectivity doubter to inflight Wi-Fi addict. See how Marc flies smarter by using Gogo connectivity to improve his flight apps, giving his golfing buddies Wi-Fi in the cabin, and even texting his Mom so she doesn’t worry.

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Whether your light jet is used privately or for corporate and charter operations, the Gogo Resource Library is the perfect place to explore and learn more about the power and value of connectivity.