Mid and heavy aircraft connectivity

It's a complicated and fast-moving world.
Gogo ensures you stay ahead of it.

Now more than ever, inflight connectivity isn’t a luxury for business passengers and pilots - it’s a necessity. This is particularly true for corporate flight departments and all operators of business aircraft. Let us show you how Gogo AVANCE connectivity and entertainment can digitally transform your entire inflight experience.

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Maximize flight time productivity

The needs of executives have moved way beyond email and phone calls. Modern professionals use a vast amount of devices and tools to run their businesses, their teams, and their life.

Discover how a Gogo AVANCE system such as L5 gives your executives the full power of connectivity so they can use flight time to stay in command of everything they need to do.

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Instant. Awesome. Entertainment.

Sometimes people need a little downtime. Every Gogo AVANCE solution gives you Gogo Vision inflight entertainment – featuring on-demand movies, TV shows, e-magazines, and an unbelievable 3D moving map. It’s an amazing way to make passengers happy, and control streaming costs.

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DASH control toolkit on laptop

The DASH connectivity control toolkit

For operators, having control over all aspect of their aviation is key. Discover how the Gogo DASH self-service toolkit gives you the power of connectivity insight and control: so you can make data-driven decisions for your business aircraft.

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Wi-Fi for corporate aircraft: As important as engines and jet fuel

Hear Corporate Pilot and Director of Aviation, Robert Wilson explain the impact Wi-Fi has on the inflight experience for his passengers and the informational benefits he sees in the cockpit.

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For corporate flight departments, the Gogo Resource Library is the perfect place to learn more about adding or upgrading inflight connectivity and entertainment to your aircraft experience. One hot topic is the impact of aircraft Wi-Fi for IT Teams.