Gogo Dash

One self-service toolkit. Total control of your connectivity.

Gogo DASH is a powerful, app-based toolkit that gives your aviation operation the ability to view, control, manage and customize your Gogo connectivity experience: any time, any where, for your entire fleet or a single aircraft. It's the future customer self-service. And it's exclusively available with Gogo AVANCE systems.

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DASH tools help you make smarter decisions

Whether your crew is on the ground or in the air, Gogo DASH gives everyone in your operation the tools they need to quickly and efficiently manage the connectivity experience.

Insights on connectivity

Connectivity insights

Let your teams monitor Gogo systems and networks including flight activity, performance, data passed, and connected devices.



Speed up the final step of getting your aircraft online by viewing your aircraft, setting up testing services, and identifying installed hardware.


Service agreements

Easily customize your inflight experience to best fit your mission by selecting data plans and services, such as texting and inflight entertainment.


Account management & billing

Quickly manage billing information, see what services are on your aircraft, and how much usage is being billed.

Gogo Mix


Customize your inflight Wi-Fi networks and connectivity preferences, and deploy changes remotely with Gogo Mix.

User management

User management

Assign DASH access based on your team members' roles and permissions.

Equipment maintenance

Equipment maintenance

Remotely update your AVANCE software, to ensure your system is optimized and future ready.

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If you already have a Gogo AVANCE system, you're ready for DASH. Simply request access to the toolkit.

Real-time insights by fleet or aircraft

DASH’s connectivity insights lets you see what’s happening with your Gogo systems and networks—so you can provide the best possible passenger experience.

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Gives ground support teams critical information – for a single aircraft or an entire fleet.

Fleet summary - main

View detailed information for your entire connected fleet.

Fleet summary - map only

Follow your fleet’s connectivity heartbeat.

Aircraft summary

Focus on a single aircraft’s information.

Flight summary

View flight summary for an aircraft: device types, data usage (upload and download).

Flight summary - SINR

As well as signal-to-noise ratio and data rate consumption.

NEW: Gogo MIX℠ app customizes your inflight experience

Introducing Gogo MIX, the new DASH toolkit app. Now, you have the ability to directly tailor the connectivity experience to individual users via unique Wi-Fi networks, as well as service priorities and preferences. And you can do it remotely.

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AVANCE your ability to control Wi-Fi costs

The more you use Gogo DASH, the more you'll realize that you can take control of connectivity costs by better understanding who uses Wi-Fi, what for and how often. It's one more example of how Gogo AVANCE systems are transforming the very concept of connectivity design and delivery.

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Home page

View devices, networks and services.

Gogo Text & Talk

Confirm available services and view user guide.

Connection source

Check software version, serial #, signal strength.

Connected devices

See which devices are connected.

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View info, get support.

Gogo DASH mobile crew app

The Gogo DASH app enables inflight personnel to quickly check the health status and availability of all Gogo services and systems on board. Through the insight and tools provided through the app, your airborne team can better communicate with support teams on the ground to troubleshoot issues should they occur.