Gogo Biz Network Migration:
What you need to know

With Gogo’s 5G network now complete, we are turning our attention to updating the service and experience of our licensed Gogo Biz network. The results of this network update will benefit both passengers and operators in terms of experience and longevity of staying connected with the best inflight connected experience available.

What is happening and how will it affect you?

  • Gogo’s network is evolving; we are migrating the Gogo Biz network to newer LTE technology.
  • The LTE network will require an update to both Gogo’s ground-based infrastructure as well as the hardware onboard the aircraft for any aircraft flying with a Classic ATG system (ATG 1000, 2000, 4000, 5000, 8000).
  • The replacement of the onboard equipment will need to be completed by early 2026, when we expect to transition to our LTE network as part of the Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Reimbursement Program.

What else do you need to know?
  • Gogo AVANCE systems today are designed to operate on both the current Gogo Biz network and the future LTE network, and upgrading to AVANCE will provide both immediate and long-term benefits:
    • AVANCE L3 will provide an immediate performance improvement over your Classic ATG system today and, will gain a 40% performance boost in 2026 with our new LTE network.
    • AVANCE L5 will provide an experience 3x more powerful than your Classic ATG system today, and an additional 10% improvement in the experience once the new network is online; additionally, it can be upgraded to connect with our cutting-edge Gogo 5G network (see below for details).
  • All AVANCE systems are easily upgradable to Gogo Galileo global broadband.
  • The AVANCE platform also provides significant additional benefits such as remote operational support, troubleshooting, diagnostics, over-the-air update capability, and Gogo’s leading inflight entertainment service Gogo Vision (including moving maps, movies, tv-shows, eMagazines).

What can I do right now?
  • Gogo is in the process of informing all impacted customers to discuss their options. If you have not yet been contacted personally and have questions please reach out to your dedicated Gogo Account Manager at a time that is convenient to you.
  • To facilitate this transition, Gogo is offering significant incentives to customers who upgrade their onboard equipment to AVANCE:
    • $50,000 rebate for AVANCE L5 upon service activation and return of retired onboard hardware.
    • $25,000 rebate for AVANCE L3 (MAX and PLUS only) upon service activation and return of retired onboard hardware.

Thinking about Gogo 5G?
  • Gogo's AVANCE LX5 will equip you with a single box solution that connects to the Gogo 5G network, providing peak speeds from 75-80 Mbps (a 5G experience); it's going to give you more of everything, for everyone.
  • Our incentives provide a $50,000 rebate when upgrading from your Classic ATG system to AVANCE LX5 upon service activation.
  • Provision for AVANCE LX5 immediately by installing an AVANCE L5 ($50,000 rebate) and MB13 antennas ($30,000 rebate) prior to 5G entry into service. Then, you will receive an LX5 box swap at no additional charge once available. The LRU swap and 5G service activation must be completed by December 31, 2024.

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