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What's better than equipping your aircraft with the best inflight connectivity in the market? Saving up to $50,000 with our AVANCE promotions.

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Gogo's AVANCE platform is unlike anything else in the market. Designed to be sustainable - not replaceable - it'll serve you for years to come. With features including over the air updates and Gogo DASH, managing your inflight connectivity is a breeze.

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Gogo's AVANCE LX5 is the single-box solution that will connect you to Gogo's North American 5G network. We can't wait for you to try it.

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While the AVANCE L3 is a capable, cost-effective solution accessing our Gogo Biz network, the LX5 is a blazing-fast workhorse connecting to the Gogo 5G network and providing you with more of everything... ready to tackle all the data needs of you and your passengers today and far into the future.

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Take advantage of our First To Fly rebates

The AVANCE LX5 is the same size as your existing AVANCE L5 system, so installation should be a breeze. If you've already made plans to add an X3 to your AVANCE L5 and would like to switch to the LX5 instead, just give us a call - we are happy to help.

Need more details? Chat with Sales at +1 720.794.5669 or read our First To Fly FAQs.


"An upgrade to Gogo AVANCE is 100% worth it!"

Jason Talley

Pilot and Director of CJP

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