Inflight connectivity solutions

In today's business and social environment, adding connectivity isn’t really about email, streaming, text messages or the web. It's about having the ability to control your time during flight more effectively, as well as being able to control where and how you connect with other people: such as using your aircraft as a true remote office both in the air and on the ground. And only the full power of Gogo connectivity makes that possible.

Discover why thousands of business aircraft are turning on Gogo inflight internet and entertainment to help passengers, pilots, and operators stay ahead in a fast-paced world.

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How do you want to fly smarter?

Whether you’re a power-worker who needs a fully-enabled flying office, a phone addict who lives by text and calls, or a movie and news junkie, only Gogo has everything you need to make your desired experience a reality.

Wi-Fi means money during flight

Why are so many operators adding connectivity to their aircraft? Check out this infographic and see how Wi-Fi dramatically improves the value of flight time for business aviation.

Solutions for any aircraft type

Aircraft sizes and types often dictate the most appropriate connectivity solution. Explore the possibilities for your aircraft - from light jet, mid-heavy, and VVIP, Gogo has you covered.

AVANCE: All from one

Don’t cobble your connectivity together. Create your ideal inflight experience with fully integrated Gogo AVANCE platform systems.

Smart router (802.11ac)


& information


Network management


Text & Talk


Cloud-based service & support


802.11ac dual-band means fast, reliable cabin Wi-Fi for devices.

Turn flight time into fun time with movies, TV, magazines and flight maps.

Dynamic switching delivers a seamless internet experience

Use your own phone to stay in touch with everyone, everywhere.

Easy updates and powerful tools make AVANCE an operational dream.

What solution is right for your aircraft?

What network and hardware is right for your aircraft? Use this tool to find the right solution fast.

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