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Gogo 5G℠ is the mobile broadband experience of the future, and Gogo is building the world’s first 5G network exclusively for business aviation. 5G will give you more of everything: more speed, more capacity, more devices, more live experiences. And it will be the wave on which new applications and service ride. Get excited. Get informed. And you can even get ready today with Gogo AVANCE L5.
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The Gogo 5G revolution is now.
You can follow along.

Gogo is moving fast and the 5G revolution begins today because our 5G network is now live. Check out this video to see our experts complete a tower installation. Then use the button below to follow our launch progress via an interactive 5G milestone page.

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See how Gogo builds and installs its 5G towers from the ground up
more info The Gogo 5G network is now complete

Gogo's expert team has installed and activated our 150th Gogo 5G tower, thus completing the network with incredible speed. Check out this map to see our 100% CONUS coverage.

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You'll need a Gogo AVANCE L5 platform system to add 5G when available. So why wait? With AVANCE L5 you'll be able to fly with Gogo 4G connectivity today and be on the easiest and quickest path to 5G when it launches. Find your path to 5G with AVANCE L5, including hardware and service plan pricing, here. 

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Gogo is true 5G as defined by the global broadband experts.

Only Gogo 5G is designed specifically for business aviation and is 100% end-to-end true 5G as defined by 3GPP: the global consortium that sets mobile broadband standards. Check out this infographic to learn more and ensure you're connecting to a real 5G experience.

See how Gogo meets global 5G standards

Gogo 5G will give you more of everything.
Provision your aircraft today.

Not only is the demand for inflight connectivity growing at a staggering rate, so is the amount of data and the types of applications and services executive passengers are using. Gogo 5G turbocharges your entire connectivity experience and enables more of everything: more users, more devices, more streaming quality, more "real time" interactions. It's the future that 5G will make fly.

Watch this video to learn how you can provision your aircraft today, and then speak to your chosen dealer about pricing and installation.

Gogo 5G with Matt Martin

Getting 5G ready for business aviation

Gogo is the most trusted name in inflight connectivity for business aviation. That's why we're collaborating with world-class partners. See how Gogo and FIRST RF have built the world's first 5G aircraft antenna (which is tested and verified), and then read the Gogo case study by our partner Cisco.

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