Gogo 5G

The first and only 5G network dedicated to business aviation.

Gogo 5G℠ will give you more speed, capacity, more live experiences, and connectivity on more devices. And it will be the wave on which new applications and service ride.

Get excited. Get informed. And get started on the path to 5G inflight internet!

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Get ready for the 5G future of inflight internet

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Gogo 5G revolutionizes business aviation connectivity (again)

The demand for inflight connectivity is growing at a staggering pace along with the amount of data, applications, and services executive passengers require. Gogo 5G turbocharges the entire inflight connectivity experience providing more users with:

  • More streaming
  • More real-time interaction
  • On more devices
  • At higher speed

Designed specifically for business aviation, Gogo 5G is defined as 100% end-to-end true 5G by 3GPP's mobile broadband standards.

We have already completed our network buildout across the contiguous U.S. with 150 5G towers installed. And now, we're expanding the same great coverage into Canada. Follow our continuing progress.

Gogo 5G network deployment map.
passengers using inflight internet on a business jet


It all begins today with AVANCE L5. Install AVANCE L5 with MB13 antennas, or upgrade your current L5 antennas to MB13s and at launch simply replace your AVANCE L5 for the brand new single box 5G solution LX5. Either way, you'll fly with Gogo 4G connectivity today and be on the quickest path to 5G when it launches. Check out our current promotions to see how you can provision today and save on what is coming next.

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AVANCE LX5 - the complete 5G solution in a single box

AVANCE LX5 - the complete 5G solution in a single box

Gogo AVANCE LX5 is the fully integrated, single box solution that will deliver the entire Gogo 5G experience: doing everything the Gogo AVANCE L5 and AVANCE L3 can do, and more, thanks to our cutting-edge 5G ATG network.

More about AVANCE LX5

Gogo 5G will give you more of everything.
Provision your aircraft today.

If a superior user experience enabling simultaneous connections with reduced latency appeals to you, then get ready! Gogo 5G will present a dramatic acceleration of connectivity performance and increased capacity to accommodate the rising demand for data onboard business aircraft.

Speak to your chosen dealer about pricing and installation.

Gogo 5G Provisions

The evolution of a revolution in business aviation

With more than 30 years of innovation, Gogo Business Aviation’s unparalleled experience makes us the world’s most trusted provider of inflight connectivity solutions. That expertise and innovation provide the foundation for building out the Gogo 5G network. Learn about what this revolution in business aviation means for you.