Do you qualify for Gogo Cloudport?

Before you request your free Gogo Cloudport, let's make sure your hangar has everything necessary to use it. To see if you qualify, read the statements below and check the circle next to every statement that applies to you:

Unfortunately it doesn't look like you qualify for Cloudport today. Please fill out the form in the link below to receive monthly USB content updates for Vision (unless you’re already receiving USB’s each month via subscription or trial).

Click here to learn more about USB updates

Congratulations! You have have met the requirements to qualify for a Gogo Cloudport. Click the link below to learn more about ordering your device today.

Click here to request your Cloudport

Have questions? We'd be happy to help, please contact Sales Operations directly at +1.303.301.3271 or

What about Cloudport security?

Rest assured, your Gogo Cloudport is built with security in mind. Cloudport uses a secure tunnel to access our Gogo Cloud ONLY, so it can download and deliver fresh content to your aircraft. So, even though you allow Cloudport access to the internet, users cannot log onto the Cloudport and access the internet through it. Furthermore, Cloudport uses a secure, encrypted SSID that automatically connects to Gogo-equipped aircraft within range. It does NOT remotely log into your Gogo hardware. Therefore, users are not able to connect to this SSID and users cannot hack into any airborne equipment.