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Gogo AVANCE is business aviation's only true connectivity and entertainment (IFEC) technology platform. But what does that really mean? While other connectivity providers try to use the trendy "tech platform" phrase, the truth is they just cannot do what Gogo AVANCE does.

Let us show you what makes Gogo AVANCE the real deal: a revolution in connectivity software and hardware design that's superior to anything else in aviation.

Let's begin.

This isn't just a phone

Apple Devices

All powered by iOS

This isn't just inflight Wi-Fi

AVANCE Devices

All powered by AVANCE

Gogo AVANCE is not a traditional LRU. It’s a platform. An easy way to understand AVANCE is to think of it like you do Apple. Like Apple and its iOS: the value of the AVANCE platform comes not only from its own features, but from its ability to be the central technology that connects to and grows with other tools, innovations, products, and services.
Watch this video to hear Gogo experts explain exactly how Gogo AVANCE does more than any other IFEC system in bizav.

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Gogo AVANCE transforms your jet into a smartplane

Let us help you visualize the transformative power of the platform. See how Gogo AVANCE takes a common business jet configuration and turns old-school, isolated aircraft IFEC into a fully-integrated experience.

Gogo AVANCE animation detail

Sustainable design enables Gogo to release innovations without replacing your system

Because AVANCE is designed to be sustainable, we can quickly:

Sustainable design enables Gogo to release innovations without replacing your system

Because of the AVANCE platform, we can quickly:

satellite networks

Add new networks, including satellite


Add more spectrum

new services

Deploy new services over the air


Provide remote support, even during flight


Aggregate data and make it accessible by customers

Gogo AVANCE benefits passengers, pilots and operators alike

Click on each feature to discover what AVANCE delivers.

Work: Today's execs want more than email

Gogo’s data insights show that executives need much more than email during flight. They need to use a wide variety of tools to stay connected to increasingly digital-driven jobs and workforces. Gogo AVANCE lets them work in the sky just like they do on the ground.


Life: Never miss a moment

Not only has the way we work changed, the way we relax and enjoy ourselves has too. Gogo AVANCE enables people in the sky to binge, chat and socialize as the clouds roll by.


Play: Everyone loves movies, maps and tv

An exclusive feature of AVANCE is Gogo Vision 360 – aviation’s most popular inflight entertainment service. It lets you instantly offer blockbuster movies, hit TV shows, a library of e-magazines, and a stunning 3D moving map. All with no extra hardware and with zero streaming data costs.

Gogo Vision 360 entertainment service including a moving map
avance wheel


Connect to aviation's fastest, most reliable networks: today & tomorrow

Gogo AVANCE delivers inflight Wi-Fi performance by connecting your aircraft and devices to the fastest, most reliable business aviation networks – including the upcoming Gogo 5G network with AVANCE L5. It can also integrate with and manage other networks such as next-gen LEO satellites, making AVANCE uniquely able to adapt to your needs.



Gogo AVANCE connects you to your digital world

The ways in which people use Wi-Fi has changed dramatically in just the past 10 years. In today’s world, people on board expect to use the aircraft any way they want: as an office, a conference room, a coffee shop, even a home theater. Only AVANCE lets them use their time effectively.



Cockpit Wi-Fi unlocks pilot apps, enabling real-time information and improved communications

Gogo AVANCE serves more than cabin demands. Bizav is entering an era of smart flight decks and AVANCE delivers powerful cockpit Wi-Fi that unlocks the full potential of pilot apps = better decisions and more efficient flights. Pilots can also communicate faster via Wi-Fi calling.



Remote, cloud-based support simplifies operations by delivering innovation and updates over the air

Smart platforms (like Apple and Tesla) have revolutionized experiences across the world. Like them, Gogo AVANCE primarily leverages software and cloud services to make life easy on operators -- by enabling over-the-air new product and service releases, as well as automating support and updates.



Gogo DASH gives you a complete toolkit to customize, control and brand your inflight experience

Business aviators love control. AVANCE puts the connectivity keys in your hands via Gogo DASH: the industry's only complete self-service IFEC toolkit. With it, you can see the status of all your Gogo networks, systems and services, while also being able to customize and tailor your Wi-Fi networks, manage your account, and even brand your inflight portal -- all in one place.

Gogo AVANCE does all that.
And it's ready for you right now.

Gogo AVANCE reinvents what you can do with IFEC technology on your aircraft. That's why it's already installed on more than 3,000 business aircraft.

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