A new way to fly connected

The much-anticipated hourly plan for Gogo AVANCE L3 Plus is here! Our new hourly solution will allow you to stay within budget, scale your connectivity with unlimited data, and get more devices online. At just $99 an hour with unlimited data, flying connected is easier now than ever before - especially on your wallet. To get started, just contact our expert sales team.

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Hourly means flexible connectivity when you need it

The new Gogo AVANCE L3 Plus hourly service plan is designed for you.

Unlimited data. Control your costs without data limits.
More devices. Up to 7 devices so everyone can be connected
$99/hour. No surprises or unexpected fees.

Still researching? Learn all about AVANCE L3 here, or click below to speak with our expert sales team.

more info If you already have AVANCE L3, we can help

Already a customer with an AVANCE L3 LRU and not sure where to go from here? Our Customer Support team can assist you in changing plans or upgrading your L3 Core to the L3 Plus experience, or answer any other questions you may have.

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