Improved visibility available with Gogo DASH app

A service and support tool for quick access to system and network status

At Gogo Business Aviation, our vision for world-class service and support is simple: We strive to provide predictability in service, simplicity in doing business, and insight into system performance. Our goal is your confidence in, and ultimately your success with, our solutions. A part of that vision to enable your success is being able to provide you more control in knowing that your inflight connectivity system and services are operating as they should be – real time.

With the release of the Gogo DASHboard (DASH) mobile application, we are doing just that. Gogo DASH is a service and support application that enables flight departments to quickly check the system status and network availability for any Gogo-equipped aircraft. The free DASH app is available for Android, iPhone and iPad and allows ground and flight crews to view and explore:

  • Network availability and monitoring (for ATG, satellite and terrestrial modem access)

  • System health status (hardware and software)

  • Availability of Gogo Text & Talk and Gogo Vision

  • Product documentation, user guides and FAQs

  • Coverage maps and Gogo Cloud locations


Designing and delivering to customer needs


To design and develop Gogo DASH, we worked closely with customers to build an online tool that would fit the needs of most aviation flight departments. And, to ensure we were on the right track we conducted Beta testing of our app, which put a version of the application in the hands of our customers to use. We had more than 15 companies represented by 55 participants – from OEMs to flight departments, and directors of maintenance to pilots – actively use the app for 6 weeks.

With the results and feedback from our Beta participants, we were able to deliver a service and support tool that we knew would meet customers’ immediate needs. One participant stated that having insight into system performance is key: “A part of my job is making sure the internet works, so being able to have a live visual of system performance and service availability is important. And, to have direct access to Gogo technical support puts my mind at ease.”

Other comments included: “I like having immediate access to the coverage map and knowing when certain networks are available. When flying over the Atlantic, we would use the app to communicate when ATG network coverage would be available.” And, “I would like knowing what software version is installed, and the latest ATG software version that’s available. The app is an easy way to receive that communication and know whether I’m operating with the latest and greatest software.”

Learn more about our complete Gogo DASH service and support offering.

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