New smart cabin systems deliver ideal cabin experience

SCS is a simple, powerful way to integrate your personal mix of inflight connectivity technologies

It’s a common dilemma for aircraft owners and operators: passengers expect their aircraft cabin to feel like home, a place where they can simply turn on any of their personal mobile devices and do whatever they want.

It was this vision that drove us to create the new SCS suite of smart cabin systems. SCS lets you integrate a personal mix of technologies to create a cabin experience that is unique and ideal for you – seamlessly and reliably. Whether that’s enabling moving maps so you can follow along with the flight, or premiering a single interface that you can use to engage with a fully connected cabin – you decide what smart looks like, and SCS does the rest.

You can integrate SCS with existing connectivity systems or have it stand-alone. Gogo’s SCS leverages the latest in router technology, and delivers the full benefits of the Gogo Business Services Gateway (BSG) delivering real-time diagnostics reporting and service updates – inflight or on the ground.

Choose from two options: SCS Elite and SCS Media.

  • SCS Elite is a highly integrated smart cabin system that allows you to create a superior, consistent, and reliable inflight experience. The system supports and dynamically manages multiple data bearers, voice bearers and cabin management systems.

    With SCS Elite you can browse the Internet, make and receive phone calls, access the cabin management system, or access moving maps, movies, TV, and news. Because it’s compact and light weight, SCS Elite fits in virtually any size business aircraft, from turboprops to the heavy iron, and works across ATG and satellite systems to accommodate those who fly domestically or internationally.

  • SCS Media is a small, lightweight system that powers an on-demand news, information and entertainment experience highlighted by moving maps and Gogo Vision, allowing passengers to pass the time in style.

SCS Media is an affordable system that enables moving maps and a full inflight entertainment experience, making it an ideal choice for anyone flying a light jet or turboprop who thinks maps and movies are cost prohibitive.

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