Video: NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski’s favorite thing about AVANCE L5

NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski spends 200-300 hours per year in his aircraft, flying to and from races, training events, promotional appearances and more. That’s a lot of time in the air - and Brad isn’t willing to sacrifice his commitments to work, family, and fans. 

That’s why onboard Wi-Fi is so important to him. “Moving from having no connectivity to the ATG 5000 system was great,” Brad shares. “But upgrading to the newest system was even better.” The AVANCE L5 upgrade got Brad new capabilities like inflight streaming and integrated inflight entertainment. According to Brad, “The streaming quality went way up. It allows me to keep up with video at a level that wasn’t possible before.”

What’s Brad Keselowski’s favorite thing about the AVANCE upgrade? “It’s on and it works all the time.” High quality, reliable service, and the streaming capabilities he needs: that’s why Brad says “I’m absolutely a Gogo fan for life.”

To hear more about how NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski uses Gogo AVANCE L5, check out How NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski stays connected to his family at 40,000 feet.

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