Video: How NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski stays connected to his family

Flying an average of 250 hours per year to races, training events, promotional events and more, NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski spends a lot of time on the road. But while he’s committed to his work, Brad refuses to compromise on his family life. “Cutting out family time is not an option for me,” says Brad. Staying connected to his wife and young daughter is priority number one for this professional living in the fast lane. 

How does he do it? By depending on Gogo AVANCE™ L5 for the connectivity he needs to keep in touch, no matter how high he flies. “The benefits of upgrading to the latest Gogo system [AVANCE L5] are that it’s on all the time, completely reliable, and at much higher speeds than ever before,” Brad shares. The reliability of the AVANCE system and the opportunity for inflight Facetime are particularly important. Brad continues, “It’s such a sense of relief after a big day to be able to get on the phone and see my wife and daughter.”

From NASCAR to bedtime stories, Brad Keselowski uses onboard Wi-Fi to remain connected to what matters. “I can’t imagine getting on an airplane today and not having Wi-Fi service,” Brad concludes. “Being connected allows me to not miss a moment of my life personally or professionally.” 

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