Gogo 5G Podcast

Listen as experts from Gogo Business Aviation, Cisco, Airspan, and FIRST RF discuss 5G connectivity for aviation

Gogo's 2021 launch of a nationwide 5G network was big news at NBAA-BACE 2019. Here's your chance to hear the full Gogo Business Aviation luncheon panel discussion, hosted by AIN, featuring 5G experts from Gogo, Cisco, Airspan, and FIRST RF. From speed and security, to antenna technology and how to transition from 4G to 5G, you'll get a better understanding of what's to come in connectivity. 

Hear all the insights by streaming the podcast below or downloading it on iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher. 

Expert panelists include:

  • Azita Kia, Technical Solutions Manager, Cisco Mobility CTO office 

  • Mike Livingstone, Senior Vice President of Engineering, Airspan Networks

  • Jason Shin, Vice President and Communications Market Segment Lead, FIRST RF Corporation

  • Mike Syverson, Senior Vice President, Technology and Operations, Gogo Business Avation

Topic highlights from the podcast: 

  • (5:40) The roadmap for Gogo's 5G launch, including bringing terrestial network performance to the skies.

  • (14:30) The technology behind new multi-band phrased array antennas and the benefits of network redundancy. 

  • (20:48) How Airspan adapted communications technologies from competitive auto racing to help develop Gogo's 5G network solution.

  • (24:50) A breakdown of beamforming: its impact on network efficency, reliability and user experience. 

  • (29:00) Cisco's role in building a scalable 5G network with the capacity to rapidly expand and adjust to market demands. 

  • (35:55) Creating a seamless passenger experience through signal handoffs between network sites.

  • (42:49) Built-in cybersecurity techniques including threat detection, encyrption and Cisco's OpenRoaming solution

  • (49:09) The benefits of increased capacity and the process for adding Gogo 5G to the AVANCE L5 platform.

  • (55:02) Audience Q&A.

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