What to expect when flying connected with Gogo inflight Wi-Fi service

You may have recently joined the ranks of many of your aviation peers in adding inflight connectivity to your aircraft. Or, you may be seriously considering the technology for your aircraft or fleet. In either case, we want to help you to know what you can expect from a Gogo airborne internet connection on your plane.

We offer a quick view below of the available connectivity services and support during a typical flight for our Gogo AVANCE™ solutions. These details can vary depending on what system, services, and service plan are activated on the aircraft.

Aircraft powered on

Complimentary basic connectivity provided through terrestrial modem in over 120 countries worldwide. Without a terrestrial modem, connectivity can be available through a supported satellite solution on the aircraft.

Gogo Vision service is also available on the ground.

At 3,000 ft AGL or higher

At this level you'll be fully connected to the Gogo Biz® ATG Network. You can now email, browse the web, upload & download files, make voice calls, connect to corporate VPN, and stream video and audio (as your service plan supports). You'll also be able to access services such as Gogo Vision and Gogo phone and voice services.

Below 3,000 ft AGL

During takeoff and landing connectivity will not be available on the Gogo Biz ATG Network. If you have a satellite solution on your aircraft then you will have seamless coverage through your entire flight including take off and landing. If you have Gogo Vision on board, it will also be available during these times.

If you have additional questions regarding service and support, please contact Gogo Customer Support for more information.

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