Troubleshooting your inflight Wi-Fi connection

If you experience an issue with your connectivity service and need to contact Gogo Technical Support, we recommend you check and record the following information in order to facilitate the troubleshooting process.

Whether you are in flight and can perform a “live” call to Gogo, or are contacting us from the ground post-flight, having the answers to these questions will make your contact with our team more effective and efficient.

What are the aircraft and flight specifics?

Record the following:
•    Tail number
•    Flight date/times in question
•    The departure and destination locations

Describe the problem

Record the following:

  • What time/phase of flight did the issues occur?
  • When did the system or service last perform as expected?
  • Is the system or service operational now?
  • Detailed description of fault.
  • Is the Wi-Fi network accessible?
  • If the Wi-Fi network is accessible, can the Internet be reached? Can calls be made?
  • What websites or applications were affected?
  • How many devices were affected? Isolated to single user or complete cabin?
  • Is the problem isolated to a particular part of the aircraft?
  • What types of devices or services were affected?

Help us diagnose

Record the following:

  • When and what were the last maintenance actions that may have occurred in the area of the components?
  • Do you have Gogo DASH installed on any device or using the Gogo DASH portal that can assist in troubleshooting your issues?

Additional help

For additional information on how to maximize the performance of your inflight internet connections, check out our blog on the topic: “6 tips on getting the most from your in-cabin Wi-Fi.”

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