Leverage Gogo DASH to optimize active device connections

Knowing how to maximize your available bandwidth can make a big difference in inflight Wi-Fi performance. We recommend a few key ideas to help you and your passengers get the most from your airborne connections in our blog, “6 Tips on getting the most from your in-cabin Wi-Fi.”

In addition to these tips, you can also leverage Gogo DASH to access information about your Wi-Fi network connections during a flight for greater insight into network performance. We offer solutions for both inflight personnel and on-the-ground operations and support teams to see what’s happening with the Gogo systems and networks.

DASH ground portal offers active device view and summary of usage

The Gogo DASH web portal was purpose-built for ground operations and support teams to access and view critical information regarding Gogo connectivity performance, bandwidth and device use, network health, and available services. A key feature of the portal is the ability to view active device connections and a total summary of usage.

For each device, you can view how each device is using the available bandwidth [such as for secure connections (e.g. VPN), web browsing, and streaming]. DASH provides near real-time updates that can help you better understand what devices might be affecting the overall Wi-Fi network performance or identify specific connections that may be unintentional and can be turned off.

To request access to the DASH portal, you can sign up for a login at: business.gogoair.com/getdash.

DASH mobile app enables quick view of active devices during flight

For inflight personnel, the DASH mobile app enables them to quickly check the health status and availability of all Gogo services and systems on board during a flight. You also can view active device connections on the in-cabin Wi-Fi network. While you can’t view usage details, you can identify total active connections to determine if all are intentional or need to be turned off, which helps you avoid unintentional data use.

The Gogo DASH mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

You can learn more about Gogo DASH here. Or, feel free to contact Gogo Customer Support for additional information.

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