Western Aircraft delights customers and doubles sales with AVANCE L5

As one of the West’s largest aircraft services companies in business for more than 60 years, Western Aircraft knows a thing or two about avionics. Avionics Sales Director Walt Marcy has worked with customers who own Citations including CJs, Encores, and Excels and lately even Gulfstreams, helping them to meet their business and entertainment needs. 

Many of these customers used ATG (air-to-ground) systems for onboard connectivity in the past. While the service was, in Walt’s words, “fine and good,” his customers were looking for the same experience that they get on the ground. From keeping up with the pace of modern business to relaxing with inflight streaming, Walt’s clients wanted Wi-Fi without compromise. 

That’s where Gogo AVANCE L5 comes in. In this video, Walt shares how Western Aircraft  customers who have upgraded to AVANCE have responded to new levels of connectivity. “Now they can sit in their aircraft at 40,000 feet and do the same thing they can do in their office or home,” Walt says. And it’s not just work: inflight streaming opens up tremendous opportunities for entertainment. “Being able to stream and Skype and YouTube… now we can make it work for the entire cabin. The L5 is a great advance in technology.” 

With AVANCE L5, Western Aircraft’s customers are happy - and so is their business. Walt explains, “We’ve increased our sales with Gogo at a pace of over 100% per year because of the L5 product line.” From Citations to Gulfstreams, Western Aircraft is delivering unparalleled onboard connectivity and their customers are getting more done at 40,000 feet. 

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