Why you should upgrade your inflight connectivity from ATG to AVANCE.

Which inflight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) is right for you: AVANCE L3 or L5?

man and woman using inflight Wi-Fi

Digital trends across business aviation tell a clear story: private jet passengers’ inflight connectivity demands have significantly increased in recent years. Evolving technology, coupled with how passengers use their mobile devices, consumes more bandwidth than ever before. Don’t be left with yesterday’s internet speeds and capabilities. Learn why upgrading to the AVANCE platform is your best path to happy passengers, crew, and ground support. 


5 simple reasons to upgrade to Gogo AVANCE

Gogo AVANCE inflight Wi-FI benefits

1. Greater speed, capacity, and bandwidth

Yes, that’s right. You and everyone onboard get more done while in flight. Whether your passengers want to do work, prefer to sit back and watch movies, play games, or stream their favorite podcast or video service, with AVANCE they can chillax like pros. Work, play, or do a bit of both with the fastest, most reliable networks dedicated to business aviation with Gogo AVANCE. 


2. Connect more devices

In today’s world, passengers don’t just connect one device on a flight, but may connect a laptop as well as an iPad or tablet, and a mobile phone or multiple phones. That translates to several devices connecting on every flight. Last year alone, Gogo connected 10 million devices. Wow! 

Think of Gogo AVANCE as the Goldilocks of inflight connectivity. Gogo offers several options, so you can pick the size and capabilities that best meet your needs. Depending on your aircraft size, the number of passengers, and crew typically on board, you can choose the best fit to serve your mission: the AVANCE L3 (with three different configuration levels) or the more robust L5 system. Do you know that with our AVANCE L3, you can connect five devices with the Core configuration or up to 25 devices with the Max configuration? If that’s not enough, well, L5 is your clear choice with up to 40 devices at even faster speeds thanks to the Gogo Biz 4G network.

3. Software-centric design for easy updates 

AVANCE was built with you and your future in mind. Not only is security and safety part of the foundation of its design, but also software updates will be done just like they are on your smartphone. Gone are the days of grounding your aircraft and clearing all flight schedules to update your Gogo software via a jump drive. AVANCE enables remote software updates.

4. Customizable with Gogo DASH 

With AVANCE, you're in complete control of your infight connectivity. From the palm of your hand, Gogo DASH is an exclusive and complete self-service toolkit. Gogo DASH provides a window to monitor your inflight connections, customize the inflight experience for passengers and crew, monitor the health of your Gogo system, manage your account, and oversee usage. Want to give the principal, CEO or other VIPs a private network while onboard? With DASH, that’s possible, and you can also assign DASH apps based on user roles and needs. 

5. Proven peace-of-mind and happy customers 

We can outline the features and benefits of upgrading to Gogo AVANCE, but our customers’ reviews after performing an AVANCE upgrade are the real proof. More than 25% of AVANCE customers upgraded from existing ATG technology. It has proven to be one of the fastest adopted technologies in business aviation history. 

Which AVANCE solution is right for you: L3 or L5?


Each passenger set, crew, and aircraft have distinct digital needs. For some passengers, large email files are not common; whereas, for others, they must have video streaming and real-time trading to be accessible. To witness the differences in speeds and capabilities between L3 and L5, watch this video series. If you prefer a simple visual,  we’ve created a little cheat sheet below. 

Gogo AVANCE L3 and Gogo AVANCE L5

In every way [the AVANCE L5] makes my time on the plane effective. I get on the plane, I go in the air, and everything just works. Bada-boom.

Les Goldberg

CEO, LMG Show Technology 

An upgrade to AVANCE is not only going to enhance the inflight experience for those in the back, but also those in the cockpit and on the ground. From a business and resources perspective, think about an upgrade to AVANCE as a decision for sustainability. Unlike traditional line replacable units (LRUs), think of AVANCE as a sustainable solution – because thanks to remote software updates, you won’t need to replace AVANCE to get improved performance.  

Learn more about AVANCE from our customers and Gogo experts.