Corporate executives and pilots stay productive with inflight Wi-Fi

Key benefits

  • Increased productivity and communication on longer, coast-to-coast flights
  • Better onboard passenger experience when traveling for work or leisure
  • Cost savings and improved pilot capabilities versus multiple individual apps
  • User-friendly customer service, including account management and transition


For a California-based company that provides safe, natural skincare products for the whole family, conducting business on both coasts (and internationally) means the corporate executives stay busy.

Because the company operates out of Los Angeles and New York, the corporation relies on two airplanes, a Challenger 350 and Citation CJ3, to run the business effectively. With many coast-to-coast flights, the company’s executives needed a way to stay productive and in touch. And, of course, managing the aircraft in a cost-effective way to remain on budget is always important.

Corporate Flight Department


The corporate flight team decided that equipping the two planes with Wi-Fi would provide the flexibility and service the company needed to stay on top of business operations – even on a five-hour flight. They purchased both the Challenger and Citation with the Gogo ATG 5000 inflight connectivity system preinstalled on both aircraft from the manufacturer and they haven’t looked back.


In gathering input on which service to use, everyone I spoke with consistently said 'Go with Gogo.' It was an easy choice and I would make the same decision again.

Jason Park

Chief Pilot for the Corporate Flight Department

“The experience has been great for pilots and passengers,” shares Jason Park, chief pilot for the company. “In the cockpit, we can use it for services that we previously paid for separately. Now, instead of paying for a bunch of separate apps, we can go online and get current weather, file flight plans, email FBOs, and more. We were able to cancel the other services, which saves us hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month – that adds up over the course of the year.”

From a passenger perspective, “Everyone uses it,” Park said. “They’re mostly emailing and browsing the web. We have no complaints and have never exceeded our plan.” And when Park and the team have needed assistance: “[Gogo’s] customer service has been great. Every time I’ve called with a question, I’ve talked to someone quickly or used the callback option, which has also worked really well.”

Park took over management of the company’s fleet earlier this year, and was impressed with how Gogo handled the transition. “The process of transferring accounts was painless and billing is automatic and easy. Gogo really makes the whole thing user-friendly,” he explains.



In Park’s experience as a pilot for this company as well as other organizations, the choice for inflight connectivity has been clear. “People want Wi-Fi now, it’s what they expect,” he concludes.

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