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Gogo 5G: X3 (5G) LRU $50K Promo FAQ

Q: Who is eligible for this promotion?

A: New and existing AVANCE L5 customers may take part in this program.

Q: What is the promotion?

A: Any new or existing L5 customer is eligible for a $50,000 rebate with the purchase of Gogo 5G equipment, as detailed below. After the equipment is received, installed, and activated with a 5G service, you will receive a $50,000 rebate for the X3 LRU. 

Q: How do I qualify for the promotion? 

  • Complete the X3 rebate promo form by October 31, 2023
  • Place a purchase order for Gogo 5G equipment by October 31, 2023, and available equipment must also be shipped by October 31, 2023.  
    • ​Gogo 5G equipment is comprised of MB13 antennas, X3 mounting tray (includes fans), and the X3 LRU along with a new AVANCE L5 unit (if you do not have one already).  
  • At a minimum MB13 antennas must be installed by October 31, 2023. 

  • All 5G equipment – including the X3 LRU – must be installed and activated by October 31, 2024.  

  • You must activate a 5G service plan by October 31, 2024. 

  • Once the above criteria are met, you’ll receive your $50,000 rebate. 

Q: Does the AVANCE L5 have to be part of my X3 purchase order? 

A: No, the AVANCE L5 unit does not need to be part of your purchase order. You may already have an AVANCE L5 installed (which is great!) or, for example, you may get it from a Dealer’s existing supply of Gogo hardware. 


Q: How do I get started?  

A: Complete the First To Fly promo form by October 31, 2023. This can be done by you or your installing Dealer. 

Q: What if I already signed up for your original First To Fly promotion for a $30,000 antenna exchange rebate?

A: We’re excited to offer this enhanced promotion to support the availability and installation of our X3 LRU, so our plan is to automatically upgrade anyone who was already registered for the $30,000 antenna exchange promotion into this new $50,000 rebate offer. If you want to opt out of this, please contact Gogo Sales Operations at +1.888.328.0200 or basales@gogoair.com or your regional sales manager as soon as you can.  


Q: My ATG system is not currently activated. Am I eligible for the promotion? 

A:  Yes! Just follow the directions above and you will be eligible as described.  

Q: I don’t have any Gogo connectivity system today. Am I eligible for the promotion?

A: Yes! Just follow the directions above and you will be eligible as described. We can’t wait for you to experience first-hand why Gogo is the leader in inflight connectivity.

Q: What is the process for receiving a rebate?

A: When a rebate is due, our Accounting team will pay out the rebate based on the information provided in your program registration form. The payment will then be processed via check. Please allow 4-8 weeks for processing after you’ve met all of the qualifications detailed above.

Q: What if my account has a past due balance? 

A: Your account must be in good standing to qualify for the promotion. If your account has a past due balance on your monthly service account, the past due balance must be paid in full before you will qualify for the program. 


Q: Who should I contact with questions?

A: Your Gogo Regional Sales Manager can help answer questions. You can also contact Gogo Sales Operations at +1.888.328.0200 or basales@gogoair.com. If you have questions about service plans or the status of your account, please reach out to Gogo Customer Operations at +1.888.286.9876 or bacustomerservice@gogoair.com.

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