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Popular aviation podcasts to try

More and more, people are turning to podcasts to stay current on news, trends, culture, and for entertainment. Podcasts are great to listen to while you’re on the go or for passing time - whether you’re at home, in the car, or say, flying from point A to B on your private aircraft.

Given the growing popularity of podcasts, we polled our social media followers to see what aviation-specific podcasts they listen to or recommend. The top five results are shown below.

Most recommended programs


1. Global Connected Aircraft

By far one of the most popular programs of our respondents, this podcast features industry influencers from different segments in aviation discussing the use of internet-based connectivity on, off and around airplanes. Hear operators, OEMs, and aircraft internet service providers discuss the creation of a new connected aircraft ecosystem.

2. The Business Aviation Podcast

Coming in at second place, this podcast features interviews with Business Aviation professionals from a variety of backgrounds, sharing stories of their experiences, as well as tips and best practices to be successful in business aviation.

3. NBAA Flight Plan

This podcast was popular among our charter/management company respondents. NBAA Flight Plan is a regular podcast featuring business aviation news and information. Each episode provides an overview of important developments affecting NBAA Members and what it means to companies of all sizes across the U.S. that rely on business aviation.

4. Private Jet Podcast

The Private Jet Podcast is for private jet principles, partners, and passengers. Get industry expertise on aircraft, operations, support, staffing, strategies, systems, platforms, and tools that will help you avoid costly mistakes and get full enjoyment out of your business, corporate, chartered, or personal jet.

5. EAA’s The Green Dot

The Green Dot podcast by Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) is for those who fly for the love of it or are simply fascinated by the world of flight. Sponsored by GE Aviation, this podcast features EAA news, general aviation topics, history, personal experiences from the hosts and a variety of guests – plus anything fun, interesting, or cool in and around the world of flight.

Other podcasts worth listening to

In addition to the podcasts mentioned above, our respondents also recommended the following aviation-specific programs. Depending on your specific interests, you may find something interesting.

  • Corporate Jet Investor – A program focused on connecting and informing the global business aviation industry.

Have a podcast you like to listen to? We’d love to hear from you, and would be happy to share an updated list curated by our readers. Send your ideas to

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