Lower Service Altitude

Gogo’s new 3000ft service altitude is giving AVANCE customers 20 more minutes of inflight Wi-Fi time: Here are 6 productive ways

Ask any busy professional, and they’ll all agree that time is their greatest, and most limited, asset. That’s why Gogo worked tirelessly to lower its network service altitude from 10,000ft AGL to just 3,000ft. It’s a big change that will give Gogo AVANCE customers, on average, an extra 20 minutes of inflight connectivity. Plus, for the first time ever, smaller aircraft that don’t typically fly above 10,000 feet will now have the opportunity to enjoy seamless inflight connectivity for the majority of their flight.

Why is 20 more minutes of Wi-Fi a big deal? Here’s a list of 6 productive things you could do to make valuable use of your flight time:

  1. Join a Zoom or Teams group meeting 
  • Connect live with your colleagues sooner, and for longer during your flight.

  1. Download The Pomodoro Technique on Audible 


  1. Check and reply to your email
  • On average, professionals check their email 15 times per day, or every 37 minutes.


  1. Watch Simon Sinek’s: How Great Leaders Inspire Action


  1. Binge on the news
  • On the Gogo network, the most popular sites with business travelers are Buzzfeed, the Wall Street Journal, NBC, the New York Times and ESPN.


  1. Schedule a ride and find a great place to eat
  • According to our Gogo bizav customers, Yelp and Uber are 2 highly valuable personal apps.

There’s so much more you can do to maximize 20 extra minutes. And connecting at lower altitudes is yet another example of why AVANCE is connectivity’s smartest platform: allowing Gogo to quickly and easily deploy new innovations for our customers.

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