Charter FAQs: Is Wi-Fi right for my fleet?

Smart questions to ask before adding Wi-Fi to your fleet

With the increasing availability of technology and the current business climate, consumers now expect the same level of internet activity and service in the air as they’re used to on the ground.

To help you understand what you and your passengers can expect from an airborne internet connection, we’ve created a quick list of questions to ask when considering an investment in inflight connectivity for your fleet.

What does inflight Wi-Fi let my passengers do? Can they text and make calls?

Typically, inflight connectivity allows its customers to connect directly to the internet through an aircraft Wi-Fi network.

It’s like connecting to a Wi-Fi network at home, in an office, or at a local coffee shop. This service allows passengers to easily get online to browse the web, send and receive emails (with or without attachments), transfer files, access a corporate VPN, and in some instances, stream audio and video content – all while in the air.

Depending on the services available, passengers may be able to make phone calls directly from their personal smartphone, such as with our Gogo Text & Talk wireless calling service. Or, they can view inflight movies, TV episodes, news, flight information, and magazines with an inflight entertainment solution like Gogo Vision.

Will I have coverage for all my flights?

Knowing your network infrastructure and proven reliability is important to understand when choosing a network provider.

Gogo’s air-to-ground network seamlessly provides inflight connectivity coverage throughout the continental U.S., including parts of Alaska and Canada. We offer either 3G or 4G network services depending on the connectivity system installed and the service plan you choose.

Want a little down time? With a fully integrated inflight entertainment and information service, you can access flight tracking, news clips, and destination weather or view the latest in Hollywood movies, TV episodes, and magazines.


When can our passengers connect? Can they access the internet once they step on the plane?

With our Gogo AVANCE inflight connectivity platform, you and your passengers can have connectivity in the air and on the ground. Here’s a quick view of what you can expect with Gogo inflight Wi-Fi service.

How much is it really going to cost? How can I guarantee a return on my investment?

That depends. Costs for inflight connectivity vary based on the system and service plan you choose.

You’ll need to consider costs for installation, equipment price, and hourly service rates or data plans:

  • Installation costs vary by aircraft, which inflight Wi-Fi system you choose, and the dealer you select. We’ll be happy to connect you with an authorized dealer that best fits your budget, needs, and timing.
  • Equipment packages: Costs can vary depending on your configuration option. Connect with a Gogo sales representative or Gogo-authorized dealer for more information.
  • Hourly service rates or data plan costs: Hourly service rates or data plan costs: With data plans, you have the option to choose a pay-as-you-go, monthly, or annual subscription depending on what suits your needs and budget.

Check out this ROI calculator to determine what return you can expect on an inflight Wi-Fi investment across your fleet for chartered services.


How do I choose the best solution for my fleet?

Choosing the right solution for your aircraft depends on the size of your aircraft, number of passengers you expect to connect, what you need or want to do on the aircraft, where you fly.

By answering just eight questions, we can suggest the right Gogo connectivity solution for your aircraft. Let’s get you started!

How do I get going?

Ready to thrill your passengers with inflight Wi-Fi? We’re here to help. Even if you just want more information, we’d love to hear from you. Connect with a Gogo inflight connectivity consultant today.

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