True 5G checklist

How do you spot true 5G for business aviation versus pretenders? Use this checklist

Gogo can provide true 5G service on your connected aircraft by including these six items on the checklist: Adherence to 3Gpp Release 15 standards, including a 5G chipset in its modem design, having a 5G standalone network core, ensuring the network architecture can support a fully distributed and scalable deployment, including massive MIMO technology, and using beamforming antennas. We're proud to launch aviation's first, and only 5G network.

The true 5G revolution is coming to business aviation and now's the perfect time to make sure your inflight connectivity system is ready for this next generation of inflight internet. If you're looking to prepare your aircraft now for the 5G rollout, take a closer look at the Gogo AVANCE L5 solution.

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