Gogo 5G is coming

Here's how you get ready for it

Want to fly with the fastest inflight connectivity network in business aviation? Then you'll want to fly with Gogo 5G. Find the right path to adding 5G connectivity to your aircraft with the three options in the infographic below and be the first to get it when it launches. Or, if you'd like to discuss what 5G performance could mean for your inflight Wi-Fi, please contact one of our connectivity consultants

Path to Gogo 5G infographic

We're on track with deploying Gogo 5G for business aviation and you can follow along as we reach important milestones in bringing 5G connectivity to the skies. Visit our 5G milestones timeline page to explore our own path to 5G, as well as sign up for emails to be the first to know when we achieve key milestones.

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