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Fly Smarter.

Work. Life. Play.

A lot can happen, even on a short flight. The question, then, is: are you missing the moments that matter? With Gogo inflight Wi-Fi, you can stay connected to what’s important in your work, life, and play. Browse the internet, finish your emails, call/text from your own smartphone, and more. It’s flying smarter, and never missing another moment from being out-of-pocket.

To see the difference between flying connected versus disconnected, check out the scenarios below. Then when you’re ready, contact us for an expert consultation.


Seamlessly connected to people and projects

While you’re in flight, your team needs your approval and signature to close a new business deal by 3 p.m. today. They’re
frantically emailing and texting you but have yet to hear back.

A sucessful business deal done with the right connection inflight
An unhappy man who missed out on an opportunity to make a deal because he was not able to make internet connection


Never miss a moment

You have a last-minute business trip. But it means you’ll miss your son’s baseball game. You wish there was a way to be
there, from up here.

connected watched game
disconnected missed game


Turn flight time into fun time

Your buddy sends you a reminder to make your quarterback trade before the big game tonight – or you can’t play him and
win the week.

A man is happy after a successful trade due to his great inflight connection
A man is very upset after not being able to see a text message while inlfight because he was not connected to the internet


Real-time data that can really help pilots

Your pilot gets a severe thunderstorm alert from the flight tower, recommending that he take an alternate route
for safety.

Getting weather reports through a great connection allowing the pilot to lead the plane towards safety
Due to poor inflight internet, the pilot was not able to avoid a more turbulant flight path

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