Upgrading to AVANCE: 100% worth it.

Gogo is connectivity. Gogo is AVANCE. With a suite of options designed for any flight plan, AVANCE is uniquely suited to you and offers so much more than legacy Gogo ATG systems. Software-centric, future-ready, and scalable, AVANCE delivers Wi-Fi capable of tackling your data needs today and tomorrow. 

With Gogo's LTE network transition looming, it's vital to upgrade to AVANCE; plan your upgrade before December 31, 2025, to ensure seamless connectivity and guarantee your maximum rebate. Your aircraft will gain an immediate performance boost when you upgrade to AVANCE, as well as an additional, automatic performance upgrade when our LTE network transition is complete. 

Take a look at the video below to hear what Gogo customers experienced first-hand when they upgraded.

"An immediate, noticeable difference"

Thinking about global connectivity?

AVANCE empowers you today and far into the future. Did you know once you get AVANCE on your aircraft, you're equipped to add Gogo Galileo for connectivity around the world with just one additional antenna? Any AVANCE unit is automatically compatible with Gogo Galileo.

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