Delivering Gogo Galileo’s Inflight Internet Revolution

Gogo’s Partnership with Hughes and Eutelsat OneWeb

In an ambitious move towards redefining inflight Wi-Fi, Gogo embarked on a groundbreaking partnership with Hughes and Eutelsat OneWeb. Our collective mission? To engineer a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite system tailored to the rigorous demands of business aviation, ensuring affordable, global broadband Wi-Fi for every aircraft, everywhere.  Imagine having access to broadband Wi-Fi that mirrors the speed, reliability, and accessibility you enjoy at home or in the office. With Gogo Galileo, that vision becomes reality, ensuring that whether you're flying over remote oceans or bustling cities, your connection remains seamless. 

Watch the video to hear, in their own words, how the leaders of these three organizations are delivering groundbreaking technology that is changing the way business aviation connects to the world.

Hughes: an antenna built for business aviation

Understanding the complexities of business aviation, our teams have meticulously designed a solution from the ground up. The result is a cutting-edge, electronically steered antenna that is not only aerodynamic and light but also boasts low power consumption. This innovative design ensures easy installation on even the smallest business aviation aircraft while possessing the robust capability to accommodate the connectivity needs of the largest and most demanding aircraft today.

Eutelsat OneWeb: a true enterprise grade network

In OneWeb, Gogo found more than a provider; we discovered a partner with a visionary enterprise-grade network. OneWeb's network stands out for its reliability and bandwidth, designed to support mission-critical business needs now and well into the future. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in inflight connectivity, promising to meet and exceed the expectations of today's business traveler.

Gogo: building the future of inflight connectivity

The partnership between Gogo, Hughes, and Eutelsat OneWeb is a transformative leap forward for business aviation. By pushing the boundaries of what's possible, we are proud to offer a connectivity solution that places the world at your fingertips. Discover how Gogo Galileo is setting a new standard for inflight Wi-Fi, and stay connected with confidence, no matter where your travels take you.

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