Minute-by-minute flight data for the cockpit

Hear this pilot’s story about installing Gogo inflight Wi-Fi and how he loves both minute-by-minute flight data for the cockpit, plus keeping passengers productive as they criss-cross the country.

Inflight connectivity is streamlining operations, both in the cockpit and cabin, and keeping everyone onboard connected to the world back on the ground. As Tony says in the video, “Years ago it was all prior planning and you had to plan everything out because once you got in the aircraft it was just flying by the seat of your pants."

With inflight Wi-Fi, pilots like Tony have access to real-time data and information to make adjustments to routes due to weather or finding out certain runways are closed as they prepare for landing, as well as receiving important information about the aircraft or avionics, like Crew Alert System messages - many of which can start being fixed while in the air via an email, text, or phone call to the manufacturer's customer support. We've heard many times from our pilot partners that connectivity provides peace of mind in knowing they'll always have access to the mission-critical data and apps on their smart devices. 

Flying smarter by flying connected doesn't just benefit pilots like Tony. Having access to the internet and applications improves flight time for those in the cabin and keeps operations running smoothly. He adds, "Those five, six, seven people are able to be productive when they hit the ground." 

When it comes to using inflight Wi-Fi as a pilot, Tony says it best, "You don’t know what it really can do for you until you got it right there at your fingertips.”

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